Monday, January 18, 2010

The Discography thus far

I bet there is more out there, but this is a list of what has been found so far. A big, special thanks to Steve Howard for supplying a lot of this information.


Berggren, Hans

Bjerke, Luther
-The Best Of Luther Bjerke "The Wild Norwegian" LP Beaver Creek Records #LP-1081

Boreson, Stan
- Look here for the most info on Stan Boreson/Stan & Doug (Setterberg).

Ekstadt, Ed
- The Story of Green Swede & His Ford. DubbleEERecords. #???

El Brendel
- Frankie & Yohnny b/w Hulda. Imperial Record label #8086.

Erickson, Roger
- Performed as a character named August, on WCCO 830 AM radio in Minneapolis, MN.

Hasselgren, Ragnar
- Swedes In North Dakota b/w Vid Siljan €r Mitt Hem 78 RPM record. Harmony Records #5.
- Hej O Ho b/w Yan Janson's Wedding 78RPM??? Harmony Records #6.

Iverson, Ernest
-Slim Jim Sings LP Soma Records #MG-1225
-Slim Jim and the Vagabond Kid, The Little Girl Next Door b/w Swede From North Dakota 78RPM, FM Records #420. *NOTE: this 78 is supposedly Ernest Iverson and his brother Clarence*

Jenson, Jimmy
- Little Grass Shack b/w Hilda. 45 RPM record. Bangar Records
- Jimmy Jenson's Greatest Hits Volumes 1-3. LP records. Holland Records.
- This is Jimmy Jenson, The Country Swinging Swede LP Jay Records #LP-1001

Knutsen, Knut

Lee, Dave

- Performed as characters Gill and Fin Olson on WCCO 830 AM radio in Minneapolis, MN.

Malm, Bertel
- Fiddling Swede (& 3 Scandinavians and Guests) Volume 3 LP. Westmark Records #WMC 21635.

Olsen, Ethel

- Mabel's Wedding #1 & #2. Columbia #22002F

Setterberg, Doug
- A Crackerjack Lumberjack
- The Swedish Thing

Svenson, Ole (Bernie Jones)
- The Polka Dots, staring Bernie Jones as Ole Svenson. Verve Records #MG V-2066
- Lay Something On the Table. S&G #520
- Putt-Putt. S&G #521
- I Said My Pajamas b/w A Low Slung Sloop. S&G #3020 (w/Dorothy DeKoven as Hilda)
- Music, Music, Music b/w Two By Four Trina. S&G #45-3021
- Yingle Yingle Yumping Beans b/w I Vant A Christmas Drum. S&G #3043
- I'll Never Work There Anymore. RCA #47-5107 (w/Spike Jones)
- A Min Skål, A Din Skål. RCA #LPM-3054 (w/Spike Jones)
- How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm? b/w The Man On the Flying Trapeze.
Capitol Records #T-1478

Swenson, Ole (The singing janitor)
- Telewision Vesterns b/w School Days. Neophone Records #802.
- Out To The Ball Game & Boy Scout Jamboree b/w You're In Love & Ole's Wedding. Vee Records #KB 2432.
- Dat Blame Rock & Roll
- Paddlin' Ingabord Home

Yanson, Yumpalong
- A True Fishing Story
- Kum-A-Ti-Yi-Yippee, Ya Sure

Yorgesson, Yogi
- Learn more than you ever thought possible about Yogi at

Da' Yoopers

Norwegian Old Time Comedy Songs & Dances. Standard Stereo #LP-949
- featuring Hans Berggren and Walter Eriksson's Orchestra

Scandinavian-American Comedy-Songs. Harmony Music Records # LP-5
- featuring Ragnar Hasselgren, Hans Berggren and Yumpalong Yanson

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